Carraro Bottom King Pin Kit for Steering Axles

By Original Parts 4 You Blog Team on Sep 14 2020

Like every vehicle we use, our construction machines break down in various parts over time. It is extremely important to use original spare parts when repairing broken construction machinery, agricultural machinery or lifting equipment. Now we would like to inform you about replacement of spare parts of steering axles.

Bottom King Pin Kit

Replacing one of the bushings requires changing the kingpin, cup spring and greaser. Damage to the bushing has definitely damaged the sliding surface of the king pin. Therefore, changing the bushing alone does not solve the problem. When changing the bushing, the following parts should be changed together;

  • King pin
  • Cup spring
  • Greaser

A person replacing the bottom of the steering axle can buy this kit and take care of all his needs. This package contains bushing, head pin, cup spring and greaser.

Carraro always uses the latest technology when producing spare parts. Thus, the quality of the spare parts it produces increases every passing day. These evolving factors are reflected in the product both in terms of material and workmanship.

Advantages of the New Maintenance and Repair Kits of Carraro

• For the user, searching for individual parts is both costly and tiring. By purchasing a Carraro maintenance and repair kit, you save both time and money.

• You can be absolutely sure that the spare part you buy is original. After purchasing Carraro spare parts, you can easily assemble as the parts are fully compatible. In addition, you will have a long-lasting spare part.

• You can get technical support for any problem you experience.