Yanmar Connecting Rod


Connecting rod, with the other name con rod, is a core component of diesel engine that helps to provide the power need by the diesel engine. Connecting rod transfers the power produced by pistons to the crankshaft that operates the machinery it is connected to.

The number of con rods in diesel engines depends on the number of cylinders of diesel engines. If your Yanmar diesel engine has 4 cylinders there are 4 units of connecting rods in the diesel engine.

Even if connecting rods do not need to replace regularly, they should be checked for signs of wear, damage, or distortion, particularly in harsh operating environments.

When there is a failure in connecting rods, they should be replaced as quickly as possible to avoid the failures on relevant parts with connecting rods including pistons and crankshaft.

Yanmar connecting rods are manufactured with high quality and the original Yanmar connecting rod has to be preferred while overhauling Yanmar diesel engine or replacing the faulty connecting rod belongs to Yanmar diesel engine to extend the engine life cycle.

Original Yanmar connecting rods are given below. You can easily find con rod of your Yanmar diesel engine. If not, you can contact us to get more information or technical support.