Yanmar Cylinder Block


Cylinder block is a key part of the engine that is also knowns as engine block.

Cylinder block or engine block is made from cast or iron and cylinder block should have high quality in order to perform its critical role in the operation of the cylinder heads, timing case, sump and flywheel.

Cylinder block unit is made up of several cylinders, depending on the type and specification of the engine model and it will include cylinder walls, coolant passages and cylinder sleeves. If needed to explain it with an example, if engine model is 4TNE98, cylinder block has 4 units of cylinder bores that will be placed pistons.

Cylinder block is very critical part of engine due that it plays a key role in running of engine.

Cylinder block takes a role in the lubrication, temperature control and stability of the engine. Cylinder blocks enclose the piston, connecting rod, and crankshaft, takes place inside the block, supports the components of the engine including the auxiliary devices such as A/C compressor, alternator, intake and exhaust manifold, etc., and features the parts for the lubrication circle such as the oil pan, oil pump, oil filter etc.

The most common cylinder block problems are leak of external engine coolant, cracked cylinder, and porous engine block. If there are those kinds of problems, cylinder block needs to be replaced with new one.

Yanmar produce cylinder block in high quality, and it is very hard to meet any problem or failure on cylinder block. However, Yanmar cylinder block can be fault due to the problem on any other problem in vehicle or damage in engine.

By purchasing Genuine Yanmar cylinder block, you can end the problem on your vehicle and ongoing to get high performance.

All Genuine Yanmar cylinder blocks are given below. If you cannot find Yanmar cylinder block belong your vehicle, please contact us to get more information or technical support.