Yanmar Fuel Injection Pump


Fuel injection pumps are called the heart of diesel engines. Fuel injection pump maintains a rhythm or timing that runs the engine running smooth. Fuel injection pump also controls the amount of fuel needed to obtain the desired power. This maintains the maximum power output and optimum fuel efficiency.

When the fuel injection pump is damaged, you'll notice a decrease in fuel efficiency, acceleration, and power in your vehicle. The best option is to replace the faulty fuel injection pump with the new one to prevent high fuel consumption and low power output. Replaced fuel injection pump has to be the original part of the diesel engine to prevent costly repair of the engine and increase the performance of the vehicle.

If you have a vehicle that has Yanmar diesel engine including model 4TNE98, 4TNV88, 3TNV70, etc.. fitting the original fuel injection pump is the only option to keep the engine life cycle and optimize the fuel consumption. Yanmar fuel injection pumps maximize the performance of diesel engines.

Originalparts4you offers you original Yanmar fuel injection pumps from stock. Original Yanmar fuel injection pumps are given below. You can find the fuel injection pump of your Yanmar diesel engine below or you can contact us to get more information and technical support.