Yanmar Complete Diesel Engines


Yanmar is one of the leader companies of diesel engine market in the world. Yanmar produce water-cooled diesel engines for industrial, agricultural, construction, and marine applications for years.

Yanmar offers a range of engines that are robust, efficient, and engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of all environments.

Yanmar water-cooled diesel engines are used in a wide range of machinery around the globe including boats, vessels, excavators, forklifts, skid steer loaders, mini excavators, tractors, generators, etc...

Yanmar water cooled diesel engines are called TN series engines that comply to EU Stage V/EPA Tier 4.

Features of Yanmar water cooled Diesel Engines:

  • Lower exhaust emission

  • Low noise and vibration

  • Compact, Easy to start and operation

  • Fuel efficient

  • Durable and reliable due to designed fuel injection valve and fuel injection pump

  • Emission reduction

  • High-power density

Yanmar produce water cooled diesel engines from 2 cylinders to 4 cylinders for variety of applications and they are called 2TN, 3TN and 4TN diesel engines and if they continue with 70, 76, 84, 88, 94, 98, or 106, etc.. this information shows that how many millimeters of cylinder bore is.

Yanmar Diesel engines withstand the toughest operating conditions, providing you with the reliability and performance you need to keep industrial equipment running smoothly. Yanmar diesel engines have broad-spectrum usage area including forklift, backhoe loader, generator, skid steer loader, excavator, mini excavator in industrial application.

Yanmar Diesel engines are most preferred diesel engines in industrial applications by leader industrial equipment manufacturers including Komatsu, John Deere, Volvo, Hitachi, Case, Hyundai, Clark, Hyster, Sumitomo, Takeuchi, Luigong, Thermo King, Doosan, Gehl, Manitou, etc...

It means that almost all OEM companies use Yanmar diesel engines in excavators, loaders, forklifts, etc. If you would like to know the engine brand of your machine you should check the metal plate on the valve cover of engine. This information is necessary to determine the model of your engine.

Yanmar diesel engines are designed to last so long. Yanmar complete diesel engines need to be changed then it is old and reached to more than working hours. Also, replacing Yanmar diesel engine with the new one can be preferable instead of costly repair of fault components such as cylinder blocks, cylinder head, crank shaft, etc…

Originalparts4you is proud to offer a wide range of genuine Yanmar complete engines for industrial, generator, marine, construction and agricultural applications at attractive prices from stock.

You can find below some of genuine Yanmar diesel engines that we can offer you at attractive prices from stock. If you cannot find your Yanmar Diesel engine in engine list given in below, please contact us. Our team are experts in all manner of engines, industrial, and marine needs, and are always happy to help, whether it be with advice or helping you find your engine.

Yanmar Complete Diesel Engines

  • 3TNV70-PFB
  • 3TNV70-SSYC
  • 3TNV76-SSU
  • 3TNV80F-SPSY2
  • 3TNV82A-SNN
  • 3TNV84T-X
  • 3TNV88-BSSY
  • 4TNE98-BQFLC
  • 4TNV88C-PSY
  • 4TNV98C-QHZ
  • 4TNV98-EXSDB1C
  • 4TNV98-ZCVFN
  • 4TNV98-ZNGTR