Yanmar Turbocharger


Turbocharger is commonly called the turbo that improves performance and increases power output.

Turbocharger generates significant additional power for the diesel engine, fuel economy is increased and the ratio of exhaust gas to power generated falls. A typical turbocharger is manufactured with tolerances as fine as 1/1,000,000 of an inch. That is quite important if it is to work to its maximum efficiency and optimize the fuel consumption and the engine's performance.

Yanmar turbochargers play a key part in how the engines perform.  If they fail, replacement turbochargers are quick and simple to obtain, helping to minimize your breakdown time and get your equipment back up and running as quickly as possible.

Because of the turbocharger's complicated structure, it may not be worth repairing individual parts if it fails. The best option is to replace the fail turbocharger with a new one. By purchasing an original Yanmar turbocharger, you can end the problem on your Yanmar diesel engine and ongoing to get high performance.

All Yanmar turbochargers are given below. If you cannot find Yanmar turbocharger belong your vehicle please contact us to get more information or technical support.