Yanmar Thermostat


Thermostat is a key part of regulating the flow of coolant around the engine. The role of the thermostat is to regulate the flow of the coolant and keep it at the requested temperature. If the diesel engine temperature is too low, the thermostat provides the coolant to bypass the cooling system and prevent it from entering until the engine temperature is hot enough to warrant its introduction and If the engine temperature increases, the thermostat closes the bypass hole and allows the coolant to flow into the engine channels and cool the engine.

Yanmar diesel engines are designed to run at an optimum temperature for power output and for fuel economy. Fitting non-genuine thermostats instead of genuine Yanmar thermostats could potentially cause to increase on temperature or to run at too low a temperature. Yanmar thermostats have been designed to integrate with specific engine models. The part you order will be specific for your engine and, it will work trouble-free and prevent costly repairs of any other parts in your Yanmar diesel engine. All Yanmar thermostats are given below. If you cannot find Yanmar thermostat belong your vehicle please contact us to get more information or technical support.