Yanmar Piston Assy


Piston is one of the main parts of the engine’s combustion systems. The piston is a moving component that is used to transfer the force from the gas which expands in the cylinders to the crankshaft to turn the wheels.

The most common causes of pistons failures are insufficient cooling, insufficient lubrication of the piston guiding part, thermal fatigue of the piston head surface, failures due to an incorrect combustion process, and mechanical damage.

The best option to prevent costly repair and damage to the other part is to replace the piston with the new one.

Yanmar pistons consist of not only pistons but also rings. When you order Yanmar piston assy for your diesel engine you do not need to order rings of the piston as additional.

Yanmar pistons have designed combustion bowls to ensure a precise match with the fuel injector. It provides fuel consumption and enhances the power output.

If you have a Yanmar diesel engine and fault piston you can find your piston in our product list given below. Originalparts4you offers you original Yanmar pistons together with rings at attractive prices.