Yanmar Crankshaft


Crankshaft is a major component of a diesel engine. Crankshaft transforms the linear motion of the piston into rotational motion. Pistons connect to the crankshaft through the connecting rods.

Crankshaft rotates thousand in a minute and Crankshaft in diesel engine have to be quite robust due to this kind of operation of the crankshaft.

In this sense, when meeting with a crankshaft failure it certainly has to be replaced with the original one.

Yanmar crankshafts are manufactured by taking into consideration the role of the crankshaft in Yanmar diesel engine. In case of any Yanmar crankshaft failures it has to be replaced with original Yanmar crankshaft.

Original Yanmar crankshafts are given below. Originalparts4you offers you original Yanmar crankshaft from stock. You can find your crankshaft belongs to Yanmar diesel engine and end the fault in your engine.