Construction Machinery Types

By Original Parts 4 You Blog Team on Dec 13 2021

Construction machines have many types according to their intended use. In construction areas, more than one construction equipment can be used at the same time. Care must be taken when choosing construction equipment. Because they all have a different function and serve a different purpose. Some can be used in many areas, while others have a single function. When choosing equipment, special attention should be paid to the following topics;

  • Productivity,
  • Security,
  • Quality.

Let's get to know these gigantic machines, also called heavy-duty machines, a little more closely.


Forklifts are designed to handle heavy materials and boxes over long distances. Forklifts, which can be used in many areas, are widely used in warehouses. Forklifts come in various sizes and lifting power, depending on the area of ​​use. Forklift types can be broadly listed as follows;

  • Mini forklift,
  • Electric forklift,
  • Counterbalance forklift,
  • Reach Trucks,
  • Hand forklift,
  • Rough terrain forklift.

Accordingly, both forklift prices and forklift spare parts prices vary greatly. The most preferred forklift brands;

  • Hyster forklift,
  • Linde forklift,
  • Yale forklift,
  • Raymond forklift,
  • Nissan forklift,
  • Cat forklift,
  • JCB forklift.

Also, we would like to give you the following information, most forklift brands use Yanmar water and air cooled diesel engines.

Telescope Loaders

Telehandlers with larger sizes are used for jobs where forklifts are insufficient. Telescopic handlers reach areas far beyond the reach of forklifts. In addition, it is a great advantage to be used on rough terrains thanks to its large wheels. The best selling telehandlers are as follows;

  • JCB telehandler,
  • Manitou telehandler,
  • Claas scorpion telehandlers,
  • Cat telehandler,
  • Bobcat telehandler,
  • Gehl telehandler,
  • Skytrak telehandler.


It is a tracked corrector used in soil leveling and pushing operations. Bulldozers have a bucket on the front that can move up and down. This bucket has a cutting blade at the bottom. This bulldozer blade is used for breaking up soil and digging in small scale. We see that the most used bulldozer brand is the caterpillar brand. Among the Caterpillar bulldozer models, the most preferred ones are as follows;

  • Bulldozer d6,
  • Bulldozer d9,
  • Bulldozer d10,
  • Bulldozer d7,
  • Bulldozer d5,

Other popular bulldozer brands are as follows;

  • Komatsu bulldozer,
  • Fiat buldozer,
  • Case bulldozer,
  • Volvo bulldozer.

Bulldozer spare parts prices vary according to their brands. When choosing a bulldozer, details such as the bulldozer spare parts provider (it should be translated as dealer) in your environment are very important.

Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are a type of tractor with a large bucket produced to collect materials such as soil, sand, gravel from the ground. Loaders are usually wheeled, but there are also tracked types. The most sought after wheel loader brands are as follows;

  • Caterpillar Loaders is the most preferred brand in this category. Having a very extensive dealer network for spare parts and technical service is also an advantage for Caterpillar users. The most preferred Caterpillar Whell loaders models are as follows;
    • Cat 994k,
    • Cat 966,
    • Cat 950,
    • Cat 988,
    • Cat 906,
    • Cat 950m,
    • Cat 994,
    • Cat 980,
    • Cat 992.
  • Apart from Caterpillar loaders, the first loader manufacturer among other popular loader brands is Volvo loaders. Volvo popular loader models are;
    • Volvo L70,
    • Volvo L120,
    • Volvo L19h,
    • Volvo L150h,
    • Volvo L70h,
    • Volvo L120h,
  • Among other preferred loader brands; Komatsu Wheel loaders, John Deere loaders and JCB Wheel loaders.

Skid Steer Loader (Compact Excavators)

Skid Steer loaders are known by many names. If we hear as compact excavator and skid steer loaders we should hear it is the same loader. Skid steer loaders range from approximately 1 ton to 10 tons. Its biggest advantage is its excellent maneuverability in tight spaces. Compact excavators have a dozer blade at the front. This dozer blade also gets its power from the hydraulic system at the front. As in other construction machines, when purchasing a skid steer loader, easy spare parts supply and after-sales service are very important in the selection. The best skid steer is as follows;

  • Kubota skid steer,
  • Cat skid steer,
  • New Holland skid steer,
  • Case skid steer,
  • Bobcat mini excavator,
  • Gehl skid steer,
  • Takeuchi skid steer.

Backhoe Loader

Backhoe loaders are construction machines with a tractor body, a bucket at the front and a scraper at the rear. The most preferred backhoe loaders;

  • Hidromek backhoe loaders,
  • JCB backhoe loaders,
  • Cat backhoe loaders,
  • Volvo backhoe loaders,
  • Case backhoe loaders.


Excavators are crawler machines used for digging or crushing a place. There are many types of excavators as follows;

  • Crane excavators,
  • Klemsel excavators,
  • Shavul excavators,
  • Bucket excavators,
  • Reverse bucket excavators (with buckets at the back).

It is very important to have easy access to after-sales service and excavator spare parts of excavators. For this reason, using popular excavator models will make you happy. The best excavator brands are as follows;

  • Caterpillar excavators,
  • Hitachi excavators,
  • Volvo excavators,
  • Komatsu excavators,
  • Hyundai excavators,
  • Case excavators,
  • Kobelco excavators.