Double Joint Kit For Steering Axles

By Original Parts 4 You Blog Team on Sep 30 2020

Carraro has produced a very useful set for the front axles, which is a double u joint kit, also known as a double joint kit. This kit is the original spare parts set to meet the users' needs in case of double joint kit failure of the front axles. If any of the double joints on the front axle of your vehicle has failed, it probably damaged the washers and elastic ring. Therefore, a double joint replacement requires the replacement of washers and elastic ring as well.

This original kit contains the below-mentioned parts:

  • Fork (diff. side)
  • Central Body
  • Spider
  • Lockring
  • Fork (wheel side)
  • Washer
  • Elastic ring
  • Thrust washer
  • Snap ring

Advantages of Choosing Carraro Double Joint Kit

Carraro always analyzes customer needs and produces original spare parts for the users. Carraro spare parts are economical in long term and have the latest technology. Remember that using imitation spare parts is more expensive and troublesome in the long run.

A person who purchases a Carraro double joint kit does not waste time searching for materials one by one and does not have difficulty in assembly.