What Are The Advantages of Using Carraro Spare Parts?

By Original Parts 4 You Blog Team on Sep 04 2020

In this article, we will talk about the features of a Carraro brand gears and shafts. And also about the production and usage of them. We will also mention the disadvantages of using imitation spare parts. It is a sure thing that using imitation products is much more expensive in the long run.

Production Process and Material Quality of Carraro Spare Parts

• It is made of selected steel.

• The material has a strong resistance to fatigue.

• Spare parts to be used for heavy work; Thanks to the spline and teeth configuration according to Carraro standards, it increases the toughness and service life of the shafts and gears.

• Design and production with the latest technological equipment.

• Meticulous tests run.

General Features of Imitation Spare Parts

• Obtained from scrap steel.

• Break quickly due to non-standardized production.

• Poor quality spare parts that are not subject to any test.

Use of Carraro Spare Parts

The correct configuration and design of the gears and shafts according to Carraro manufacturing standards allows the correct assembly of the connected parts. The use of Carraro brand spare parts also brings the following features;

• Correctly matching teeth.

• Long years of unchanged performance, stable use.

• Circular teeth tolerance according to Carraro specifications.

• Excellent grip and strong wear resistance.

• Long service life.

Use of Imitation Spare Parts

Spare parts that do not conform to the original drawings and calculations can lead to the following;

• Noise and Vibration.

• Possible breakage of connecting parts.

• Difficulties in part assembly.

• Unexpected and irregular wear on products.