What Should We Consider When Choosing a Filter?

By Original Parts 4 You Blog Team on Sep 08 2020

For our valuable users, in this article, we will talk about the issues that we should pay attention to when choosing filters. For the Carraro transmission filter, we will try to give an idea with data that has been the subject of research and tested in the laboratory.

According to laboratory test results, the Carraro 040701 filter has proven to be superior to its competitors. If we talk about the general features of the Carraro 040701 filter;

  • The filter is made of glass fibre material,
  • Carraro 040701 filter material in glass fibre is supported with stainless wire mesh on both internal and external sections

Thus, even at a high pressure of 30 bar, a safer and long-lasting product is obtained. In other filters; stainless wire mesh material is used only external side and the filter is only made of fiber. This situation will not provide resistance to a high pressure that may occur during the cold oil flow.

Compared to other filters, the Carraro 040701 filter offers a long-lasting use with 15% more.

The by-pass valve located under the part is protected by an extra filtering network.

Filters on the market generally do not have this extra bypass valve protection.

Also in this research, It has been proven that the position of the by-pass valve inside the filter (bottom or top of the filter) does not constitute an adverse situation on the filter. Because in almost all Carraro transmissions, the filter is positioned horizontally.

Note: These comparisons in this study have been made on the following brands; Carraro, Baldwin, Case, Donaldson, and Wix.

If we summarize with a table, the test results are as follows;


Carraro 040701 filter

Other Filters

Number of Bends


Max 50

Filter surface

1883 m3

%15 LESS

Filtre Structure

Glass Fibre and supported on both internal and external sides with stainless wire mesh

Only fibre and supported by stainless wire mesh on only external side

By-pass ValVE


No Protection