Why Should You Overhaul Your Diesel Engine?

By Original Parts 4 You Blog Team on Jan 12 2021

Diesel engines are designed to have a life of thousands of hours and the main objective of diesel engines is to provide excellent power and enhance the performance of vehicles. However, some mechanical problems can occur at one point or another of your engine, and when your engine begins to lose power or performance you need to overhaul your engine. Before your engine goes to breakdown overhauling is the best way to solve the problem on the engine.

Advantages of overhauling:

  • Improve performance of vehicle,

  • Extend the engine life,

  • Lower cost than the replacing of complete engine,

  • Bring lower fuel consumption.

What is the engine overhaul?

Engine overhaul can be called an engine rebuild. Overhauling process involves removal, disassembly, inspection and repair of the engine. Since all of your parts and components are inspected during an engine overhaul, you discern minor issues that you might not have even noticed before. All small parts and components of your vehicle are cleaned and checked when an engine overhaul is done.

When should you overhaul your engine?

If you notice any of below symptoms you should overhaul your engine as soon as possible. Early spotting of below situations will extend the life of engine and save the cost of replacing the engine.


  • Extensive smoke from tail pipe,

  • Too much fuel consumption,

  • Excessive noise from engine,

  • Lose of engine power,

Which spare parts should be replaced to overhaul the engine?

Replacing the main parts of the engine but keeping core parts such as the engine block makes an appreciable saving on the cost of a rebuild. Originalparts4you team suggests you overhaul your Yanmar diesel engine by replacing the main parts such as piston and rings, gasket sets, filters, metals assy, valves, and guides valves with affordable prices to prevent the great problems on the engine, extend engine life, and improve the engine performance. If you have a Yanmar Diesel engine such as 4TNE, 4TNV, 3TNE, 3TNV, L100, L48, L70… etc please contact us to get more information regarding the maintenance of your engine and to get the quotation for Yanmar Diesel engine Genuine spare parts.