Yanmar Fuel Filters

By Original Parts 4 You Blog Team on Nov 24 2020

Using genuine Yanmar fuel filters increases the performance of your engine and maintains emission levels. Yanmar fuel filters restrain water and dirt in diesel fuel from entering your engine and clogging the system. Yanmar fuel filters are the best solution for extended product life, excellent fuel filtration, and low emission levels.

Why should we prefer Yanmar Fuel Filters?

First-class fuel filtration is a key point for Yanmar diesel engines to maintain excellent performance, comply with high emission standards, and extend product life. Use of genuine Yanmar fuel filters brings below features:

  • Effective prevention of clogging prevents wear,

  • intensive fuel filtration for extended product life,

  • High durability and less intervention,

  • High-density filter paper; water and oil flow repellent,

  • Microfiber design prevents the entering of variously sized particles.

Use of Copy Fuel Filters

Using copy Fuel Filters instead of Yanmar Fuel Filters causes to below problems:

  • Unwanted wear in the injection system,

  • Problems on starting,

  • Loss of engine power,

  • Burnt out pistons,

  • Overheating problems,

  • High Fuel consumption.

Stock Availability of Genuine Yanmar Fuel Filters

129574-55711, 119810-55650, 129A00-55800, 129907-55810… and all other Yanmar Fuel Filters which belong to 2TN, 3TN, 4TN, … water-cooled engines and L100, L70, L48, L40, L60… air-cooled engines are available on our stock. You can find your Yanmar Fuel Filters searching with a part number or engine model on our website.

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