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The Importance of Using Genuine Bevel Gear

By Original Parts 4 You Blog Team on Aug 12 2020
In order to ensure that your machine works safely, you should always choose original spare parts. The use of genuine bevel gear has even greater importance for the reliability of the axle than any other spare part. The failure of a bevel gear can cause more damage to connected components. WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A NON-ORIGINAL AND A GENUINE BEVEL GEAR? The Carraro original pi...
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What is a Short Block Engine?

By Original Parts 4 You Blog Team on Aug 11 2020
A short block includes the cylinder block, camshaft, crankshaft, pistons, connecting rod and bearings. If you purchase a short block, these items will be delivered as assembled. However, other vital parts such as cylinder head, water pump, oil pump, gaskets, valves etc. have to be purchased additionally. It is called short block because it contains a shorter list of engine parts than a complete en...
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Transmission Oils Approved by Carraro

By Original Parts 4 You Blog Team on May 20 2020
You might be asking yourself whether the quality of the transmission oil you are about to purchase is that important or not. Then you came to the right place.   Perhaps we should be asking first what makes a transmission oil so vital. For your transmission to work properly, it can’t have any of its metal parts grinding against one another. Transmission components require lubricati...
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