Bevel Gear


Bevel gear is a key part of power transmission system. the role of bevel gear is to modify the direction of shaft rotation, reduce the speed and improve the torque between non-parallel spinning shafts.

Bevel gears are used in almost all vehicles and are required when a vehicle axle is driven. Main role of bevel gear is to provide movement between two axes that are 90 degrees between each other. Its task is to ensure that the tractor wheels turn in the same direction.

There are four types of bevel gears including Straight Cut Bevel Gears, Spiral Bevel Gears, Hypoid Bevel Gears.

Bevel gear is an important part for vehicles. When looking at the factory output, bevel gear does not cause any malfunction, in case of using wheels one size bigger than standard of vehicle. However, if you enlarge your wheels by 2 sizes from their normal size, bevel gear should also be changed. If it does not change, different problems will arise in your vehicle such as  movement problem, speed problem, transmission-engine problems and increase in fuel consumption problem.

By replacing your Carraro bevel gear with the new one you can solve the problem on your vehicle and  prevent costly repairs of any other parts in your vehicle.

All Carraro bevel gear pinion kits are given below. You can easily find Carraro bevel gear set belong your vehicle such as CNH, Sanko, Bobcat, Faresin, Hidromek, Komatsu, Volvo. If you cannot find Carraro bevel gear set belong your vehicle, please contact us to get more information or technical support.