King Pin


King pin is a component of swivel housing. King pin is upper and bottom part of swivel housing.

Swivel housing is a key part of the axle and king pin provide the connection between swivel housing and steering. Swivel housing allows the change in angle of wheel and king pin act to support swivel housing in this operation.

Swivel Housing takes place in right and left side of axle due that the function of swivel housing is to provide the turn of wheels. That is why totally 4 pieces of king pin take place in left and right side of axle.

If there is a failure in your vehicle coming from swivel housing, it can be related to component acting together with swivel housing such as king pin.

Replacement of swivel housing can be very costly repair. That is why it can be more affordable to replace components in swivel housing. Replacement of king pins with the new one provides the finish the failure coming from swivel housing.

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