Planetary Carrier Kits


Planetary carrier is one of the important components of transmission. It regulate and operate the transmission. Planetary gear set has an arrangement of gear teeth that are almost similar in shape to the arrangement of the planet. That's why this component is called planetary gear.

The other name of planetary gear is epicyclic gear.

Planetary carrier kit consists important components, such as ring gear, sun gear, and others. These components form an arrangement that is connected to one another.

Function of planet gear is to regulate the transmission and speed of vehicle. With this gear, it will be possible to Control the speed of vehicle.

If problem is failure on planetary gear set, The best option is to replace the fail gear with a new one. By purchasing an Genuine Carraro gear, you can end the problem on your vehicle and ongoing to get high performance.

All Carraro planetary carrier set are given below. If you cannot find Carraro planetary carrier set belong your vehicle please contact us to get more information or technical support.