Tie Rod


Tie rod is part of steering arm that connect to both of your front wheels and enables steering. Just as its name suggests, a tie rod ties your vehicle's steering rack to the steering arm.

The function of tie rod is to allow your wheels to move in steady, controlled movements. They play a large role in your wheel alignment and help to provide you a smooth ride.

If tie rod fails, it will be possible to lose steering control and potentially risk your safety, as well as the safety of other drivers.

Poor alignment can cause rapid tire wear on one edge, poor handling, and a feeling that vehicle is "pulling" to one side even while the steering wheel is at dead center.

When you meet with this kind of failure on tie rod of your Carraro steering arm best option is to replace it with the new one when compared to the much bigger cost of leaving it to fail.

Originalparts4you provides you original Carraro tie rod from stock. All Carraro tie rods are given below. If you cannot find Carraro tie rod belong your vehicle please contact us to get more information or technical support.