Transmission Pump


A transmission pump is key parts of transmission. The main role of transmission pump is to provide fresh and filtered transmission fluid to all the internal components of transmission. It is usually placed in the center or the front of the transmission. Transmission oil pump pressurizes transmission fluid to supply oil to the hydraulic actuator and torque converter and to lubricate other components.

When the engine is running, the torque converter hub spins the transmission pump, which draws fluid up from the pan, through the filter and into the pump where it gets pressurized and distributed to the valve body, torque converter, clutches and wherever else it is needed.

If the transmission pump is going bad, transmission will slip into neutral, noise will generally increase as the engine speed increases. you will see a transmission fluid leak near the front of the transmission and if transmission pump completely failed, it will not be able to create the hydraulic pressure needed into turn the drive wheels. 

When you meet with this kind of failure on trannission pump of your Carraro transmission the best option is to replace it with the new one when compared to the much bigger cost of leaving it to fail.

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