Wheel Hub


Wheel hub is a part of steering system.  The role of Wheel hub is to keep your wheel attached to the vehicle and allows the wheel to turn freely as it will be understood from the name.

Wheel hub assembly is a very critical part of your steering system contributing to the safe steering and handling of your vehicle. Wheel hub assembly is located between drive axle and brake discs.

If there is a failure on Wheel hub assembly, you will meet problems such as growling, humming, squeaking, chirping or squealing from the tires and steering wheel may shake in drivig.

By replacing your Carraro Wheel hub assembly with the new one you can solve the problem on your vehicle and prevent costly repairs of any other parts in your vehicle.

All Carraro Wheel hubs are given below. If you cannot find Carraro Wheel hub belong your vehicle please contact us to get more information or technical support.